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Hero Technique

Some heroes use technique attack, their names and what they do are listed below.
note all are Single Target Attack unless otherwise indicated.

Aegis Defense- (Self) Target Activates Aegis Shield Reducing Physical & Technique Damage to 1
Heroic Blow - (High Damage)
Maul - (Damage Over Time Attack)
Chaotic Rift - Dazes Opponents
No Pain No Gain - Sacrifices Friendly Troops To Do Increased Damage
Shock- Reduces Targets Morale to Zero (turns off Aegis Defense)
Spectral Touch - 2x Damage Attack
Slice & Dice - 3x Damage Attack
Sweep- Damages all Enemies in Vertical Column
Leathal Swipe - Damages All Enemies In A Horizontal Row
Heavenly Cross- Damages Target & Units on Surrounding Sides
Vampire Strike - Life Drain Attack Which Absorbs Enemy Troops
Blaze Of Glory - Attack Deals More Damage The Lower Your Strength
Battle Cry- Damages All Enemies with Chance of Poison
Howl From Beyond- Damages All Enemies with Chance of Daze
Loss of Faith- Damages All Enemies & Lowers Enemy Morale
Onslaught- Damages All Enemies (High Damage)
Sacred Barrier- Increases All Friendly Troops Defenses

Hero Type

Heroes have a default ability, their names and decriptions are listed below.


Archers - High Damage
Adepts - High Critical Strike


Bat Knights - High Damage & Defense
Ballistae - (High Damage)
Bandit-(High Critical Strike)
Beserkers - High Damage
Blade Dancers - High Mobility
Black Mages - Chance To Daze An Enemy Unit
Bounty Hunters - High Damage


Carrion Catapults - Damages Enemy Unit Aswell As Units On All 4 Sides
Crossbowmen - High Damage
Catapults - (Balanced Attack & Defense)
Cavaliers - High Damage


Dancing Maidens - Uplifts 1 Friendly Battalion
Dark Sages - Lowers Enemy Troop Morale
Dragon Knights - High Damage & Dodge
Dragon Riders - High Damage & Mobility
Demon Blades - Drains Enemy Morale On Attack
Dark Knights - High Damage & Defense
Defenders - High Defense



Guard Knights - High Mobility
Gunner Knights - High Damage


Hoplites - (High Damage & Defense)
Handgunners - (High Damage)


Iron Giants - (Very High Defense)


Knight Archers - (High Critical Strike)
Knight Errant - Extra Damage to Hunter/Rogue Class NPC Troops


Mages -
Ash- (High Critical Strike)
Black- Targets All with Chance to Daze
Earth- (High Defense)
Light- Targets All with Chance to Cause Enemy to continually lose troops
Water-(Balanced Critical Strike & Defense)
Wind- Damage All Targets

Mortars - Damages All Enemies In A Vertical Column


Psionisists - Does Extra Damage To Magic Users
Pegasus Riders - Well Rounded
Piker - Well Rounded
Phalanx - High Damage
Priests - Revives Friendly Troops


Rock Hurlers - Chance Of Doing 2x Damage


Steel Knights - Well Rounded
Skeleton Warriors - High Damage & Defense
Steelwing Knights - High Dodge
Silver Aegis - High Damage & Defence
Shadow Assassins - High Critical Strike
Steel Battlecars - High Physical and technique Defense
Shadow Hunters - High Damage
Steam Tanks - Damages All Enemies In A Horizontal Row
Sanctuary Guards - Does Extra Damage To Demoni Troops
Sanctuary Knight - Well Rounded
Skeletal Gunmen - High Damage
Skeleton Knights - High Damage & Defense
Steel Knights - Well RoundedWater Mages - Single Target Attack (Balanced Critical Strike & Defense)
Stormbringers - High Mobility


Vampires - High Critical strike


War Drums - Increases Friendly Troop Morale While Lowering Enemy Troop Morale
Wind Hunters - High Mobility
Winged Horrors - High damage & Dodge

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