Quests in Maegica are take the form of main quests and daily quests. Main quests will reward you with gold upon completion, daily quests will award you with honor and sometimes items upon completion.

Main Quest Chain

It can be said that the quest chain for Maegica is set around the quest that asks you to upgrade the Town Hall to a certain level. Once you have completed this quest, more quests will appear.

Other quests that is not influenced by the Town Hall quest includes upgrading the alliance level and getting higher promotions.

Daily Quest Chain

Daily quests rewards the player with honor and for some daily quests, items. Each player are allowed to complete 6 daily quests per day, this quota can be refreshed by spending Celest. The quantity of the rewards and the difficulty of the daily quests are based on a 'Star Level' system, getting higher Star Levels allow you to get better rewards, but higher Star Level daily quests are also harder to complete.

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