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Upgrading your Rank will allow you to receive a salary in Gold, the higher your rank the more salary you will receive. Higher ranks are achieved through Prestige, which can either be purchased with Gold through investing or gained during PvP battles & Area Battles. You can also trade honor for small amounts of prestige. Most prestige can be gained by going to world view, clicking on your city and investing gold. There are 3 levels of invest, always use the higher one if you can, it will give the most prestige. The amount you get is your TH level*20. If you trade honor for prestige, you get Honor /10 and there is a 20 minute cool down period on the honor trade and a 3 hour cool down period on investing. You will also receive Heroes as your Rank increases, These are different depending on which nation you are in.


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Noble Rank: Journeyman
Prestige Required: 10000
Salary: 7500
Dominion Hero: Horace (Water Mages) Base Stats 39/20/78
Egren Hero: Francis (Archers) (Chaotic Rift) Base Stats 36/68/41
Sheath Hero: Marcus (Trappers) (Chaotic Rift) Base Stats 42/68/43

Noble Rank: Junior Apprentice
Prestige Required: 15000
Salary: 8000
Dominion Hero: Belloran (Trappers) (Heroic Blow) Base Stats 44/71/50
Egren Hero: Two Point (War Drums) Base Stats 49/43/68
Sheath Hero: Luke (Phalanx) (Lethal Swipe) Base Stats 36/65/41

Noble Rank: Apprentice
Prestige Required: 20000
Salary: 8500
Dominion Hero: Nix (War Drums) Base Stats 43/46/39
Egren Hero: Ink (Catapults) Base Stats 72/52/28
Sheath Hero: Beddowin (Steel Knights) (Vampiric Strike) Base Stats 38/70/50

Noble Rank: Senior Apprentice
Prestige Required: 25000
Salary: 9000
Dominion Hero: Raide (Phalanx) (Shock) Base Stats 45/73/52
Egren Hero: Aldis (Rock Puppets) (Aegis Defence) Base Stats 47/70/58
Sheath Hero: Jason (Steam Tanks) Base Stats 72/68/45

Noble Rank: Footman
Prestige Required: 32000
Salary: 9500
Dominion Hero: Moghen (Earth Mages) Base Stats 52/31/82
Egren Hero: Nigel (Ash Mages) Base Stats 32/21/80
Sheath Hero: The Red Hand (Water Mages) Base Stats 46/24/77
Bonus: Allows 7th Hero to be retained

Noble Rank: Swordsman
Prestige Required: 40000
Salary: 10000
Dominion Hero: Saidol (Mortars) Base Stats 70/62/45
Egren Hero: Miles (Adepts) (Blaze of Glory) Base Stats 45/72/53
Sheath Hero: Washington (War Drums) Base Stats 68/42/40

Noble Rank: Blademaster
Prestige Required: 50000
Salary: 10500
Dominion Hero: Uylander (Guardian Knights) (Lethal Swipe) Base Stats 52/77/49
Egren Hero: Nicholas (Steel Knights) (Lethal Swipe) Base Stats 38/70/51
Sheath Hero: Ian (Crossbowmen) (Shock) Base Stats 39/73/45

Noble Rank: Junior Lieutenant
Prestige Required: 60000
Salary: 11000
Dominion Hero: Yunai (Dancing Maidens) Base Stats 42/46/55
Egren Hero: Aisler (Shadow Hunters) (No Pain No Gain) Base Stats 44/76/45
Sheath Hero: Vincent (Black Mages) Base Stats 59/48/79

Noble Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Prestige Required: 75000
Salary: 11500
Dominion Hero: Janis (Light Mages) Base Stats 58/44/85
Egren Hero: Kerrigan (Earth Mages) Base Stats 39/22/75
Sheath Hero: Leonardo (Ballistae) Base Stats 77/67/40

Noble Rank: Senior Lieutenant
Prestige Required: 90000
Salary: 12000
Dominion Hero: Bethello (Cavaliers) (Maul) Base Stats 60/79/53
Egren Hero: Hoern (Mortars) Base Stats 72/63/42
Sheath Hero: Singe (Steel Battlecars) Base Stats 68/69/59

Noble Rank: Vice Captain
Prestige Required: 105000
Salary: 12500
Dominion Hero: Narsis (Pegasus Riders)(Heavenly Cross) Base Stats 59/81/55
Egren Hero: Mellisa (Dancing Maidens) Base Stats 43/46/71
Sheath Hero: Traine (Steam Battlecars) (Sweep) Base Stats 47/78/56

Noble Rank: Captain
Prestige Required: 120000
Salary: 130000
Dominion Hero: Assyria (Ash Mages) Base Stats 58/33/87
Egren Hero: Sin (Dragon Riders)(Vampiric Strike) Base Stats 46/79/51
Sheath Hero: Nicholai (Earth Mages) Base Stats 44/32/81
Bonus: Can Capture 2 Farms

Noble Rank: Senior Captain
Prestige Required: 140000
Salary: 13500
Dominion Hero: Gudain (Priests) Base Stats 60/35/83
Egren Hero: Tristan (Catapults) Base Stats 76/63/44
Sheath Hero: Joshua (Bounthunters)(Chaotic Rift) Base Stats 50/79/56
Bonus: Allows 8th hero to be retained

Noble Rank: Novice Maegic User
Prestige Required: 160000
Salary: 14000
Dominion Hero: Ekun (Steel Battlecars) Base Stats 68/74/41
Egren Hero: Unwin (Light Mages) Base Stats 60/42/77
Sheath Hero: Drake (Vampires) (Lethal Swipe) Base Stats 42/80/53

Noble Rank: Learned Maegic User
Prestige Required: 180000
Salary: 14500
Dominion Hero: Acrellius (Calvalry)(No Pain No Gain) Base Stats 56/83/60
Egren Hero: Staine (Handgunners)(Heavenly Cross) Base Stats 42/72/59
Sheath Hero: Aiden (Light Mages) Base Stats 64/38/85

Noble Rank: Adept Maegic User
Prestige Required: 210000
Salary: 15000
Dominion Hero: Caider (Ballistae) Base Stats 83/70/56
Egren Hero: Luthar (Knight Archers)(Shock) Base Stats 51/80/62
Sheath Hero: Naban (Mortars) Base Stats 85/72/45
Honor Trade: 4000 Honor For 400 Prestige

Noble Rank: General
Prestige Required: 240000
Salary: 15500
Dominion Hero: Clay (Water Mages) Base Stats 47/34/89
Egren Hero: Angelo (Earth Mages) Base Stats 42/33/81
Sheath Hero: Ailahn (Priests) Base Stats 73/56/82
Honor Trade: 4500 Honor For 450 Prestige

Noble Rank: Knight
Prestige Required: 260000
Salary: 16000
Dominion Hero: Silke (Virtuous Sages) Base Stats 63/48/75

Egren Hero: Mars (Guard Knights) (Heroic Blow) Base Stats 42/83/65

Sheath Hero: Lancent (Cavaliers) (Heroic Blow) Base Stats 54/81/61
Honor Trade: 4800 Honor For 480 Prestige

Noble Rank: Minor Noble
Prestige Required: 280000
Salary: 16500
Dominion Hero: Sake (The Wolf God) (Onslaught) Base Stats 40/85/65

Egren Hero: The Eagle (Punishers) Base Stats 89/67/30

Sheath Hero: Estefan (Wind Mages) Base Stats 51/33/90
Bonus: Can Capture 2 Mines
Honor Trade: 5000 Honor For 500 Prestige

Noble Rank: Major Noble
Prestige Required: 300000
Salary: 1700
Dominion Hero: Veronica (Black Mages) Base Stats 71/49/85

Egren Hero: // Leonard (Steel Battlecars)// Base Stats 75/68/47

Sheath Hero: Joshua (Punishers) Base Stats 85/74/46
Honor Trade: 5300 Honor For 530 Prestige

Noble Rank: High Lord
Prestige Required: 320000
Salary: 17500
Dominion Hero: Xila (Dancing Maidens) Base Stats 62/47/82

Egren Hero: Jackson (Trappers) (Onslaught) Base Stats 41/87/63

Sheath Hero: Stick (Ash Mages) Base Stats 55/41/88
Bonus: Allows 9th Hero to be retained
Honor Trade: 5500 Honor For 550 Prestige

Noble Rank: Senator
Prestige Required: 340000
Salary: 18000
Dominion Hero: Barret (Punishers) Base Stats 85/77/57

Egren Hero: //Laison (Wolf God) (Lethal Swipe) Base Stats 55/83/63

Sheath Hero: Airlous (Skeleton Knights) (Maul) Base Stats 52/85/61
Honor Trade: 5900 Honor For 590 Prestige

Noble Rank: Apprentice Demoni Slayer
Prestige Required: 360000
Salary: 18500
Dominion Hero: Lucas (Steelwing Knights) (Vampiric Strike)Base Stats 56/87/66

Egren Hero: //Kasteer (Wind Mage) Base Stats 48/37/86

Sheath Hero: Hades (Virtuous Sages)// Base Stats 69/64/82
Honor Trade: 6200 Honor For 620 Prestige

Noble Rank: Demoni Slayer
Prestige Required: 380000
Salary: 22500
Dominion Hero: Crest (Wind Mage) Base Stats 58/35/89

Egren Hero: //Brendon (Carrion Catapults) Base Stats 87/67/39

Sheath Hero: Keene (Blades Dancers) (Onslaught)// Base Stats 55/90/67
Honor Trade: 6500 Honor For 650 Prestige

Noble Rank: Master Demoni Slayer
Prestige Required: 400000
Salary: 23000
Dominion Hero: Lyndon (Harpies)(Sweep)Base Stats 59/89/67
Egren Hero: One Foot (Priest) Base Stats 75/51/85
Sheath Hero: Adler (Steelwing Knights) (Aegis Defense)
Base Stats 69/88/70
Honor Trade: 7000 Honor For 700 Prestige

Noble Rank: Speaker of the Celeni
Prestige Required:420000
Salary: 23500
Dominion Hero: Wade (Carrion Catapult) Base Stats 89/76/49

Egren Hero: //Kathlyeen (Black Mage) Base Stats 65/52/88

Sheath Hero: Dion (Light Mages) Base Stats 77/59/97
Honor Trade: 7500 Honor For 750 Prestige

Noble Rank: Prophet Of The Celeni
Prestige Required: 440000
Salary: 24000
Dominion Hero: Vance (Earth Mage) Base Stats 71/53/92

Egren Hero: Angie(DragonKnights)(SpectralTouch) Base Stats 61/94/70

Sheath Hero: Broderick (CarrionCatapults) BaseStats93/88/60
Bonus: 10th Hero Slot
Honor Trade: 7900 Honor For 800 Prestige

Noble Rank: Celeni Seer
Prestige Required: 460000
Salary: 25000
Dominion Hero: Dwain (Bat Knights)(Blaze Of Glory)Base Stats 61/96/69??

Egren Hero:Leonid (WingedHorrors)(Sweep) Base Stats 65/95/69

Sheath Hero: wose (Harpies) (HeavenlyCross)Base Stats#green|61##/99/72
Honor Trade: 8500 Honor For 900 Prestige

Noble Rank: Celeni Chosen
Prestige Required: 480000
Salary: 26000
Dominion Hero: Kalais (BladeDancers)(Spectral Touch)Base Stats 69/101/77

Egren Hero:Angela (Harpies)(Maul) Base Stats 69/105/80

Sheath Hero: Kharon(Stormbringers)(No Pain No Gain) Base Stats 69/103/79
Honor Trade: 9000 Honor For 950 Prestige

Noble Rank: Wielder Of The Amethyst
Prestige Required: 500000
Salary: 28000
Dominion Hero: Vorland/Leonard (Dragon Knights) (Lethal Swipe)Base Stats 71/110/83

Egren:Orion (SteamTank) Base Stats 107/89/72

Sheath: Tachja (Water Mages) Base Stats 85/78/109

Special Thanks to Cypriana, Shenxian, Wolfen and ArchAngel for Help with the Promotion information.

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