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One of the main sources of Gold is through taxing your citizens. Everytime you collect taxes, your citizens loyalty will decrease by 1. Thed only way to get loyalty back up is by making Government Decisions. These decisions are in the form of a multiple choice questionare. The questionare pops up randomly during tax collections, it consists of a question and 2 possible answers. The answers vary from giving you extra gold, raise your citizens loyalty by 6 to 9 points, giving you an extra tax collection or a combination of these. The following is a list of the questions and the relevant answers to them.


Q: You recieve word from a military official that several deserters from a recent battle have been captured.
A: Send them to the gallows. Gold
A: Release them. Loyalty +6

Q: Reinforcements you sent to assist the front line got lost on the way to the fighting grounds. Due to this error, the battle was lost.
A: Punish them in accordance with military law. Gold
A: Give them another chance. Loyalty 6

Q: During a routine patrol, a man has been spotted who say he is able to see the future.
A: Listen to his prophecies. Gold
A: Ignore him. Loyalty

Q: There has been lack of rainfall in the region recently leading to a major famine. Food reserves have started to run dry and citizens are hungry.
A: Open up the military grain silo's. Gold
A: Lower Citizens Taxes. Loyalty

Q: A local sanctuary has been severly damaged in an earthquake. Its retoration will require a great deal of volunteers.
A: Instruct the military to repair the sanctuary. Gold
A: Call on citizens to assist in restorations. Loyalty +6

Q: A sudden storm has led to torrential rain. Towns near bodies of water are in danger of flooding.
A: Reinforce the dam. Gold 700
A: Evacuate the town. Loyalty

Q: Civil war has broken out in an enemy nation. Chaos spreads throughout their nation.
A: Attack full force. Gold
A: Watch and wait. Loyalty

Q: A black dragon has been spotted outside of town. It swoops down during the night to attack peasants.
A: Send a hero to deal with the dragon. Gold
A: Put a bounty on the dragon's head. Loyalty

Q: Several Towns in the vicinity were hit by a fierce storm. Thier buildings are in ruins and populations devastated.
A: Visit the disater area yourself to aid those in need. Gold 700 Plus 1 extra tax collection
A: Conduct a prayer ceremony. Gold

Q: An earthquake has damaged several of our most important trade routes. It is imperative that they be fixed at once.
A: Call upon citizens to make the repairs. Gold
A: Send the military to repair the roads. Loyalty 8

Q: Years of war with surrounding nations have started to drain our towns resources, taxes are high and citizens are starting to complain.
A: Lower taxes. Gold 100 & 1 extra tax collection
A: Call back the troops and halt aggressions. Loyalty

Q: The bandit force outside of town is becoming stronger by the day. Their presence is a security risk for the city.
A: Enlist the bandits into your own army. Gold
A: Send troops to exterminate them. Loyalty +7

Q: An opposing military commander has sent a challenge. He wishes to engage in a duel to the death with you tomorrow afternoon.
A: Accept his offer. Gold 200 & 1 extra tax collection
A: Attack tonight. Gold 1100

Q: There have been rumours spreading throughout town of one of our citizens acting strangely. After further investigations, it turns out there has been a spy living amoungst us.
A: Follow the spy and learn what more you can about him. 1 Extra Tax Collection
A: Arrest the spy and put him on trial. Gold 700

Q: Exiles from an allied nation have surrendered at your gates, amoung them are several very strong warriors.
A: Send them back home. Gold
A: Accept them into your ranks. Loyalty

Q: During a routine patrol, a celeni magus was seen on our territory.
A: Chat with him. Gold
A: Detain him. Loyalty

Q: Civil war has broken out in an enemy nation, refugees are trying to make their way into our city.
A: Dispatch troops to pilage their valuables. Gold
A: Allow them in. Loyalty

Q: We are under attack from an enemy nation, our troops are low and we will be unable to hold the enemy off for long.
A: Institute a military draft. Gold
A: Call for citizen volunteers to enlist. Loyalty 9 & 200 Gold

Q: Your army has been fighting with the enemy for several days straight Military supplies are about to run out and soldiers are at their last wits.
A: Retreat and allow your forces to gain their strength. Gold
A: Push for one final attack . Loyalty +7

Q: After the flood, plague has started to spread throughout major cities. Many citizens have been affected.
A: Attempt to find a cure. Gold 200 1 extra tax collection.
A: Eradicate the infected. Gold

Q: During routine patrol's, a soldier was seen wiping tears off his face.
A: Ignore the situation and walk away. Gold
A: Ask him whats on his mind. Loyalty +6

Q: A neighbouring town is being invaded by demoni forces, they are starting to run dangerously low on food and water.
A: Organize a military council to discuss a plan of action. Gold
A: Send reinforcements immediately. Loyalty +6

Q: The city council has decieded to expand the farmlands into the forrest west of town, this will require a large number of hands..
A: Call on citizens to assist in developement . Gold +1000
A:Allow the military to oversee developement . Loyalty

Q: One of our military Battalions ignored direct orders from a superiorin a recent skirmish. However, they were victorious in the end.
A: Punish them in accordance with military law. Gold +1000
A: Reward the Battallion. Loyalty +6

Q: Despite an abundant harvest this season, an upcoming irrigation project will be impossible to carry out with our current budget.
A: Raise Taxes. Gold
A: Do not alter taxes. Loyalty +8 & 1 extra tax collection

Q: A Major Drought has hit our town and crops have started to wither due to insufficient irrigation. we are starting to run out of grain.
A: Conduct a prayer ceremony. Loyalty +6 & 1 extra tax collection ??
A: Attempt to fix the irrigation system. Loyalty +6 & 500 Gold

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