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The general idea of the game is to advance your troops and heros to become strong and rule the world of Maegica, this can be done through Player Vs Player battles (PvP), Through Non-Player Character Battles (NPC) or through multiplayer Arena battles (MPA).

You will need to gain Celest, which is purchased just like gold in caesary or Sest in Evony. Celest is used for Instant completion of buildings, technologies, Enhancements etc. As well as Bonus hero training, Stat blessings etc. and many other things.

Gold is used to purchase Items, Enhance Items, purchase grain etc. It is also used for aquiring prestige and for donating to your alliance to purchase Alliance Technologies to name but a few.

Prestige allows you to advance your rank which allows you to control more heroes aswell as raising your gold salary.

Honor is mainly used for the upgrading of your Technologies. It can also be used to trade for prestige.

Graphical User Interface(GUI)


*Some of the items in the above image will not be available to you until you reach a certain level.

Starting at the top left you will see a picture of your town, below this is a smaller circle with a number in it. This number represents your current level. Your level is defined by your Town Hall(TH) level. Under this is wher you are located on the map. To the right is a panel with 6 textboxes. The first of these textboxes is the amount of Celest you currently have. Below that is your current gold amount and below that is your current grain supply / and maximum Grain storage. To the right of your current celest amount is your cuurent honor. Below this is your currently unattached troop amount / and your maximum unattached troop amount. Below this is your current prestige amount. Just to the right of your Celest are 2 icons, a purse and a chest. The purse is used to buy Celest and the chest is used for Bonus Codes that you may recieve. Underneath the panel you will see some text and some icons. The first part is your Battle Orders, how many you currently have / and the maximum amount you can have at one time see (Battles). Next this is the Buy button which is used for buying Battle Orders using Celest. The next icon looks like a NPC group, freeorder.png this is a free Battle Order. They appear every so often and allows you to attack 1 time without consuming a Battle Order. The next icon looks like an axe, freenation.png this allows you to attack an enemy Nation without consuming a Battle Order. The next icon looks like a Shield, shield.png this allows you too occupy an enemy town or fight for your own towns independance without cunsuming a Battle Order. The next icon looks like a Mine, mine.png this allows you to occupy a Gold Mine without consuming a Battle Order. The next icon looks like a field, farm.png this allows you to occupy a Grain Farm without consuming a Battle Order. Top right of your screen is an information bar. This contains links to the Maegica Forums and other information that is updated fairly often. Down the left hand side, there is information on various things, some of these will open panels conected with them. The top one tells you if you have any tax collections left. Below that is the status of your trade caravans. Below this is the status of your technology upgrade. Below this is the status of your Training Grounds, How many training slots are currently being used / and the maximum training slots available to you. Below this are your construction team(s) and their status. You can purchase more teams with Celest up to a maximum of 9. These allow you to upgrade upto 9 buildings at the same time.

Bottom right of the screen is an icon bar. The first one taxes.png is Taxes. This will open the tax collection panel which can also be opened from your TH and your tax collection status link on the left hand side. The second icon scroll.png opens your game Mail panel which allows you to send and recieve mail. The third icon flag.png opens the alliance information panel, here you can view all the alliances on your server. See (Alliance Page) for more details. The next icon enhance.png opens the Enhance panel which is where you will upgrade your hero weapons and items. The next icon quest.png opens the Quest panel.
The last icon army.png opens the army panel where you can arrange troops and train heroes etc. This can also be opened from the Training Center.

Finally bottom right you will see a circle with an image of the current Season and 5 smaller circles, which are your view buutons, around the outside. City is your Town view as in the image above. Battle Ground takes you to where the Battle Ground and arenas are located. World takes you to the Map view. Local takes you to the District view I.E. your immediate area, your goldmines are accessed from here aswell. Lastly Farm, which takes you to the farms in your immediate area where you can harvest grain.


This is where you should start. Follow the quests, they will help you to learn quickly as well as keeping your gold levels up. Quests need to be accepted before you can complete them. When your level is high enough, you will gain daily quests. You are allowed to complete 6 daily quests per day. These daily quests will give a trinket for every one successfully completed. Daily quests have level and the higher level quest you complete, the better the trinket it drops. Quests with 10 stars drop godly trinkets etc. You can use the refresh button to try and gain a higher quest in exchange for 10 Celest. Like most things in Maegica, there is a cooldown period, you can however perform instant complete for 10 celest. You are also awarded honor for each successful quest completed, this can be a good source of honour for newer players as 10 star quests give 2200 honor each.


One of the main places to stock up on your Gold supplies. You are allowed 12 tax collections per day, with an extra 3 in summertime. You may also be awarded extra collections from the Government decision making. Your primary source of tax is from your cottages, the higher the level the more you receive. The magistrate building also increases your base rate of tax. As your alliance level grows, new alliance techs will be unlocked, some of these also increase he amount of gold you will get from taxes.


Gold can be obtained in a number of ways. Taxes as we see from the previous paragraph is one way. Your daily salary will give you gold as well, the higher your rank the better salary you get. Goverment decisions give gold depending on the answer you choose. The biggest gold gains are normally from selling unwanted items you have collected, this can give you a huge gold boost, just make sure you don't sell items you need.


Celest is the currency you will recieve for any game payment you make. It is used for a number of things. You can finish cooldowns instantly, add extra protection periods, Expand your Tavern, Buy extra Building teams, Buy extra storage space, Attack NPC's without waiting for reset, buy extra battle orders. You can also gain Celest in small amounts from tax collections, the Alchemist building will increase your chances of this.


Seasons in Maegica Last for 24 Hours. Each Season has a different effect on the game.
Spring: In Spring you will recieve extra battle orders each time the Elite Forces refresh.
Summer: In Summer you will receive 3 extra tax collection as well as the daily 12.
Autum: In Autumn you will gain extra grain from Farms as well as extra Gold from Gold mines.
Winter: In Winter you are protected from attacks by other players & thus may not attack either.

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