These diagrams will show you the fight procedure for each type of formation over 1 round, sumising that each hero lasts the whole round.
For a full explaination of the procedure go to the Battle Page.

Lothar's Physical Attack Bonus
Caiest's Technique Attack Bonus

Lothar's Vs Lothar's

Lothar's Vs Caiest's

If you look at the Lothar's Vs Caiest's procedure 8 and 5 will not get hit all the time 2 survives, so you could put your strongest defenders in pos 2 and your strongest attackers in 8 and 5, that way they can deal the most damage while being protected by 2.
Alternatively if you have a hero that clears in 1 hit you may want to put them at front to take out as many heroes as possible in the 1st hit with maybe a strong defender in the 5 pos protecting a Priest or morale booster in the 8 pos.

Max Form Level is 24, it will take 195,125 Honor to max each formation…choose wisely ;)

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