Attack Procedure

columns and rows are the wrong way round here but the attack procedure is correct. I will update as soon as I get time. An example is if you have a hero who attacks all troops in a column, if that hero is in position 2 he will hit opposite position B E H.


If you look at the image above and imagine you have a hero in each of the 9 positions. The attack order is simple and is as follows.
1 Attacks A - 2 Attacks B - 3 Attacks C etc. etc. if all heros remain after the 1st column are finished, the second column will carry on hitting the front column in the corosponding row. So row 1 will keep hitting troops in row A until there are no troops left in that row**
As you can see its very straight forward but what happens when 2 different formations fight or when some of the heroes are killed.


Now in this scenario the first attacker is 2 but as you can see the defender has no troops in that row, so now the 2 Attacker will hit the 1st available hero, which in this case will be A. The defenders 1st hit is from A which will attack its opposite row as the attacker has troops in this row. So A will hit 4. As you can see if A survives long enough it will get hit 4 times in the 1st round. The only attacker not to hit A will be 6, this is because it has an opposite row to deal with first. The following is the procedure of 1 complete round providing all heros survive the 1st round.

Attacker 2 hits A
Defender A hits 4
Attacker 4 hits A
Defender D hits 4
Attacker 5 hits A
Defender F hits 6
Attacker 6 hits F
Defender G hits 4
Attacker 8 hits A
Defender I hits 6

With this info you can now deciede where best to put your strongest hero. If you look at the 2nd column of numbers you will see which hero gets hit the most times in each wave, which in this example is A on the defenders side and 4 on the attackers side, so those troops need to be either your strongest defenders or your strongest attackers. I hope that all makes sense.

In the case of 1 or more of the heroes dying in the round or the hero has no enemy in the opposite row then the next target will be the 1st one available in the following order.

col 1 row 1
col 1 row 2
col 1 row 3
col 2 row 1
col 2 row 2
col 2 row 3
col 3 row 1
col 3 row 2
col 3 row 3

PVP (Player Vs Player)

After you leave Endril, you join a Nation. Then you are able to attack other players that are in the same level city as you are (example: you can not attack someone who has a different level cap then you) To see the cities you can attack, click the world button. your city has a gold whirl under it. The enemy cities you can attack have a blue whirl under them.

NPC (Non Player Character)

You can attack NCP's in the battle grounds. there are 3 levels each "ground" with their own boss(with some exceptions). After defeating them you can attack them again(except the red forces, thoes are bosses). There are also Group battles, or gb's, where players can come together and fight the enemy for lots of honor.

MPA (MultiPlayer Arenas)

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