Joining an alliance is the best way of learning the game. Members are allways willing to help new players and very often the bigger members will help protect new players. To join an alliance, you must be level 21 or higher, so you cannot join if your are still in one of the 2 protection cities, Springdale and Endrill unless, the commander of the alliance is under level 21.

Commanding Alliance

Creating an Alliance

As the Host of a top 5 alliance on Evony for nearly 2 years and a main player in Caesary, I think I am qualified to say what makes a good alliance. The first think people normally see is your alliance name. Good names can attract new members in their masses and Bad ones can send players looking elsewhere. Think long and hard about your alliance name, as strange as it sounds, it can make the difference between having a successful alliance or not.
The more members you have the more you are likely to attract. Most people tend to go for rhe strongest alliances for protection from stronger players. Make your rules know from the start aswell as your intentions as an alliance, believe it or not probably 75% of players do not like alliances that are too aggresive and these alliances normally fail when everyone else on the server joins together to fight them. Have a good ballance, dont be overly aggressive but be firm, you dont want people walking all over you. Remove trouble makers from your alliance, they will cause more trouble than they are worth in the long run.
Please remember if you give respect to players wether they are friends or enemies, your are very likely to get respect back. Just because you are on different sides in the game does not mean you can't be friends, Remember its just a game.

Running an Alliance

Positions in Alliance

How Positions are Decided

All positons but Commander are decided by level of donation.


The commander is leader of the alliance. There are 3 ways to becoming a commander,
1. Starting alliance - this is pretty self explanatory.
2. Current commander making you the new commander.
3. Vice-Commander taking over - in heraldy there is a take control button, if the commander hasn't been on for 3 days the vice can click this button and become the new commander.


Vice-Commander can take over if the commander is inactive for 3 days.

Field Marshal:

Joining Alliance


To join an alliance, click the alliance icon at the bottom of the screen. You must first check that the alliance you wish to join is in the same nation as you, as you may not join an alliance which is not based in your nation. Select the alliance you want to join and click the join button. A request to join will be sent to the alliance and providing they are willing to accept you and there is someone online able to accept your request, you will now be a member of that alliance. Remember to click alliance chat in your chat window so you are only talking to members of your alliance.


Alliance Technologies

As a member of an alliance it is your duty to help upgrade it. You do this by donating Gold to various Alliance Technologies. The maximum amount per day you can donate is defined by you TH level. As you and other members donate, the level of your alliance will rise which allows more members to join. At certain levels your alliance will gain new techs which benefit everyone in the alliance. These new techs are as follows.


**Alliance Level:*

This gives new alliance techs at certain levels and increases maximum alliance members.


Alliance Finance:

This gives the chance of extra gold being collected when you collect your citizen Taxes, any extra gold recieved is automatically sent to the alliance tech fund to help upgrade it.


Alliance Taxation:

This gives members extra gold when collecting Taxes from their citizens.
Gained at level 5.


Alliance Agronomy:

This gives extra grain from your captured farms.
Gained at level ??


Alliance Irrigation:

This Increases the chances of a great harvest from your captured farms.
Gained at level 30


Alliance Mining:

This Increases the output of Goldmines.
Gained at level 35


Alliance Negotiation:

This Increases your Trade revenues.
Gained at level 40


Alliance Nobility:

This Increases your Honor gained on battlefield.
Gained at level 50

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