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Maegica is an online battle system in the same genre as Evony, Caesary etc.

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Maegica is a browser based MMORPG that addresses all kinds of players. Whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer - you will surely enjoy this game.

The world of Maegica, the universe of "Reincarnation", consists of three nations: The Sheath, The Egren and The Dominion. This world has been infested by an evil "magic plague" and the three nations have been waging a fierce war against each other for centuries - with no end in sight to all this madness.
In Maegica, you are situated right into this ongoing struggle. Choose one of the nations, conquer your own city and watch it grow as you build up your army. Become an invincible commander and help your nation to gain the upper hand. Seek knowledge about the "magic plague" and fight fierce battles on the battleground - either against NPC's or an enemy of your nation. Join together with other players to engage the combined might of the opposing forces in an arena. Equip your heroes with equipment that can withstand any attack, arrange them in different formations to face your opponents with a setup that can easily crush them.
Besides learning and understanding the art of warfare, Maegica also offers a large community - you can join one of many alliances and whether you are looking for help or just to chat with your fellow comrades, this game has it all!
So, if you want to test your strategic knowledge, have a lot of fun and meet a bunch of awesome people, come an join Maegica!

*Unlike the other games in this genre, its not all about how many troops you have.
*You will need to think about formations, troop types, hero types, hero strengths etc.
*Massive alliance battle system.
*Over 70 types of troops.
*A huge amount of weapons, mounts, armour, pendants, trinkets etc.
*Large alliances possible.
*Watch your animated battles.
*NPC battles, alliance battles, boss battles.
*Frequent item drops from battles.
*Free to play with pay to advance option.

"Maegica returns you to a timeless world of might and magic, torn and scarred by successions of apocalyptic wars. Together with our Alliances, we still fester beneath the surface, ready for the next move, poised to strike fear, and silently plotting schemes with deadly intent. Join Maegica in our nightmarish battles for the priviledge to declare, "There can only be one!" The world awaits the rebirth of our new Server, our new neXt-gen gamers, our new destiny in a glorious realm known as Maegica".
Player~ DragonQ